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Sally Kate Winters Family Services offers a variety of opportunities for individuals, businesses, and community organizations to become involved with our mission of empowering children and families.  Through the volunteer program, an individual or group can dedicate a time period - weekly, monthly, or annually - to work directly or indirectly with the children utilizing our services.  Thousands of volunteer hours are contributed to the program each year including office and clerical assistance, grounds and building maintenance, tutoring and reading, conducting special events, assisting at fundraisers, and raising awareness.

All volunteers who wish to work directly with children in our programs must complete a volunteer application, as well as state and federal background checks prior to beginning their service.  These cost $20 and payment is due at the time of the initial interview which is conducted after receiving the completed application.   

Please click the link below to download our Volunteer Application and return to Heather Usry @

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Volunteer Application